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Secretary General Pledges Continued Support of OAS upon Conclusion of Visit to Haiti

  March 23, 2015

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, today concluded his visit to Haiti, during which he met with the country´s President, Michel Martelly, and Prime Minister, Evans Paul, to discuss the challenge facing the government in the coming months: creating the conditions to ensure the holding of fair and inclusive elections while remaining committed to the social and economic development of the country.

Secretary General Insulza said that, in a difficult economic context, and facing a fragile political environment coupled with other factors affecting stability, “this task will not be easy, but it is critical.” “While 2015 poses extraordinary challenges for Haiti, it also represents an extraordinary opportunity to place Haiti’s democracy on sounder footing,” added the OAS leader.

During his two-day visit Secretary General Insulza also met with leaders of political parties, a delegation of Senators and representatives of civil society. He also held talks with members of the international community resident in Haiti, including ambassadors of OAS member states, the Core Group and Heads of the agencies of the Inter-American System.

Secretary General Insulza reiterated the willingness of the OAS to deploy an observation mission for the upcoming legislative, presidential and local elections. “The OAS has deployed more than 200 electoral missions in its history, and more than half took place during this decade,” said the Secretary General, who emphasized the high level of professionalism that characterizes the OAS missions. The OAS leader also stressed the complete independence of these missions and the fact that “they are not susceptible to pressure from anyone.”

Secretary General Insulza noted with satisfaction that “the Government of Haiti has favored dialogue with the Government of the Dominican Republic in settling bilateral differences”. He called for the continuation of this dialogue between the two countries and insisted on the “necessity of institutionalizing and strengthening bi-national dialogue mechanisms to address issues and seize mutually benefiting opportunities”. He reiterated the commitment of the OAS to support this process.

The Secretary General pledged the continued support of the OAS for democracy in Haiti. He called on “all Haitian actors to direct their goodwill and sustained efforts toward a common democratic project that goes beyond this year’s election in order to bring security, justice, equality, and social and economic development to the Haitian people”. In closing, he emphasized that “2015 offers an opportunity for Haitians to take a giant step forward toward sustained political stability and self-sufficiency.”

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Reference: E-098/15