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OAS General Secretariat Greets New President of the National Assembly of Venezuela

  January 6, 2019

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) greets Juan Guaidó as the new President of the National Assembly of Venezuela.

President Guaidó has our respect earned as a Venezuelan politician, belonging to a generation of young people who have maintained their coherence in struggles for fundamental freedoms and democracy in their country. Today, at the head of one of the legitimate powers of the State, the last to be elected by the people as is the National Assembly, he assumes an important constitutional responsibility to initiate Venezuela's urgent transition to democracy.

The illegitimacy of the Venezuelan dictatorial government has been widely declared by the International Community, either by opposition to the illegal and illegitimate election of the National Constituent Assembly, as per Resolution 1078 of the OAS Permanent Council, which declared on April 3 of 2017 the unconstitutional alteration of the democratic order of Venezuela, and resolution 2929 of the last Regular Session of the General Assembly, which declares illegitimate the subsequent presidential electoral process of May 20.

We will support the efforts make by President Guaidó at the head of the National Assembly at this decisive juncture in which he assumes the leadership of the country, and in which it is essential to restore the constitutional and democratic order to restore basic human rights to the Venezuelan people.

Reference: E-084/19