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OAS Secretariat for Strengthening Democracy (SSD) Facilitated Coordination of First Meeting of Voluntary Group of the Inter-American Democratic Charter

  November 21, 2023

The Secretariat for Strengthening Democracy (SSD) of the Organization of American States (OAS) facilitated the coordination of the first meeting of the Voluntary Group of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, created in response to the mandate of resolution AG/RES. 3004 (LIII-O/23) STRENGTHENING DEMOCRACY..

This group, which has the support of 26 member states and is open to participation, aims to promote dialogue, horizontal cooperation, and the exchange of good practices, as well as identify opportunities within the principles of the OAS Charter and of the Inter-American Democratic Charter to strengthen the democracies of the region.

During the first meeting, which was held in the Simón Bolívar conference room of the OAS and was attended by representatives from 15 countries, the Secretaries of Hemispheric Affairs, Access to Rights and Equity, and a representative of the Secretariat for the Integral Development, made presentations on the work in support of the mandate contained in the resolution.

Furthermore, the members of the Voluntary Group discussed issues related to the roles and responsibilities, structure, procedures, and regulations under which the Group will meet, and the next steps to follow. In addition, a proposed work plan for the coming months was submitted to the Member States for consideration.

The representatives of the Member States agreed on the importance of the following topics: 1) Procedural matters such that the Voluntary Group can meet in an organized manner, including selection of a coordinator or president, adopting the name of the group, and defining its structure, regulations, and work procedures; among other activities. 2) Consideration of the proposed work plan presented by the Permanent Mission of the United States to the OAS, with the request that the member states send their comments to the proposal prior to the next meeting of the Group. 3) Holding of the second meeting of the Voluntary Group on December 11.

Reference: E-079/23