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OAS support for Haiti to focus on governance and institutional strengthening

  March 18, 2010

At the recent Technical Preparatory Conference for Haiti, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, the Assistant Secretary General of the organization of American States (OAS), Albert Ramdin, presented the Organization’s proposals for the reconstruction of the Caribbean country and reiterated that the needs of the Republic of Haiti remain a priority for the OAS.

Ambassador Ramdin, Chair of the OAS Haiti Group of Friends and Haiti Task Force, stressed the need to coordinate efforts of all actors and stated that: “Our actions and initiatives towards Haiti have always been inspired and directed by the needs, the priorities and the vision for development established by the Haitian authorities”. Ambassador Ramdin also added that an inclusive approach of support to Haiti is expected and that “there is enough space for all to contribute, small nations, sub-regional groups, the private sector and the Haitian Diaspora.”

During the conference, Ambassador Ramdin also stated that the Organization’s contribution will be based on its strength, expertise and experience in Haiti and will focus in the medium and long term on governance and institutional strengthening, especially in: assistance to the electoral process and the relevant institutions; the registry of citizens in Haiti; and the cadastral system.

In his closing remarks, Assistant Secretary General Ramdin called for the upcoming donor conference in New York to provide a “clear and agreed mechanism of consultation, coordination and monitoring of Haiti’s reconstruction efforts” that would include a “clear division of labor within the international community on the specific support to the Republic of Haiti.”

Reference: E-078/10