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  March 29, 2006

Haitian President-Elect René Préval today outlined the main challenges facing his presidency, in an address to the Organization of American States (OAS). During his first visit to Washington since winning the February 7 elections, Préval laid out his priorities for his upcoming term in order to restore stability to Haiti.

“We must reform the state to build the nation, restore national production, develop and value human resources, and reestablish a favorable climate for investment,” he explained to the OAS Permanent Council. “Achieving these very immense tasks means that all the sectors of the political life must find a minimum of understanding to manage the state with respect for differences, and with collective interests and a fruitful cooperation on the matters that require consensus,” he said.

Préval pledged to work with all political sectors in a participatory process for the development of Haiti, emphasizing that economic growth can only be achieved with good governance and international investment. “I will engage all my energies to seek consensus solutions to the differences, to the misunderstandings, that may arise between Haiti and its neighbors in the hemisphere,” he said.

Addressing representatives of 34 member states, Préval thanked the international community in general and the OAS in particular for supporting Haiti during the February elections and underscored the need for continued international support as Haiti seeks to rebuild its democratic institutions.

OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza reiterated the Organization’s commitment to the Caribbean nation and its intention to continue accompanying the people and the new leaders of that country in the challenges they still face. “The elimination of extreme poverty is essential for the task you face. It’s a formidable task to create a climate of economic and social development in your country, to develop an infrastructure to generate opportunities for productive employment,” Insulza said.

The Secretary General expressed the will of the OAS to continue working “against poverty, against inequality, against hunger, social exclusion to strengthen democratic institutions and democratic governance,” in Haiti.

The Chair of the OAS Permanent Council, Ambassador Sonia Johnny of Saint Lucia, added to this pledge saying that “more than ever, the international and the hemispheric community need to demonstrate in political, economic and financial terms, its long term commitment to the social and economic reconstruction in the Republic of Haiti.”

Reference: E-077/06