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OAS, the Forum of Federations and the University of Kent Agree to Collaborate to Advance the OAS Work on the Promotion of Peace

  July 9, 2020

The Organization of American States (OAS), the Forum of Federations (the Forum), and the University of Kent signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate to advance the work of the OAS Department for the Promotion of Peace.

The agreement will be implemented through the development of joint projects and activities that will support the OAS in its efforts to strengthen hemispheric peace and security, prevent conflict, and resolve disputes, in accordance with the essential purposes of the Organization as established in its founding charter.   

"Promoting and sustaining peace is a demanding task that involves a concerted effort from all sectors of society, as well as the staunch support and action of the global community,” said the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro. “With this partnership, our aim is precisely that: combining the knowledge, skills and resources of a diverse range of experts in the field of peace building and conflict management to continue adding further value to peace building efforts in the Americas."

Under the agreement, the Forum and the Conflict Analysis Research Centre (CARC) at the University of Kent will assist the OAS Department for the Promotion of Peace by providing knowledge, expertise, and advice on conflict prevention, peace processes, and multilevel governance matters pertinent to the work of the Department.

“History has repeatedly shown us that the cost of conflict surpasses immeasurably the cost of peace; it is time to put more focus on the deterrence aspect of conflict management by proactively promoting peace,” said Magdalena Talamas, Director of the Department for the Promotion of Peace.

For his part, the President and CEO of the Forum of Federations, Rupak Chattopadhyay, said: “The Forum is delighted to enter this partnership. As an organization with a long history of working in conflict-affected countries around the world, we have seen the crucial role that multilateral organizations play in peacebuilding, and are pleased to support the OAS in this important area of its work.”

Professor Adrian Pabst, Head of the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent, commented “Kent is delighted to enter this partnership with the OAS and the Forum. CARC is particularly well known for its research in the areas of constitutional design, durable solutions to displacement, the nature and evolution of mediation, critical approaches to the study of terrorism and political violence, as well as gender and human rights. We look forward to contributing to our partners’ work based on these areas of expertise.”

Through this agreement, the OAS, the Forum, and CARC look forward to a successful and productive collaboration.

Reference: E-074/20