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Statement from the OAS General Secretariat on Elections in Guyana

  September 28, 2019

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) has taken note of the announcement by President David Granger that the next general and regional elections in Guyana will be held on March 2, 2020.

The OAS General Secretariat underlines the importance to the people of Guyana of leaving behind the period of political uncertainty as soon as possible.

The OAS General Secretariat looks forward to the issuance of the proclamation required by Guyana’s Constitution to firmly establish the date for the elections.

The General Secretariat will continue to follow the situation in Guyana and remains available to provide support as the authorities may require in ensuring the next elections meet the standards of transparency, credibility and integrity, required of all democracies.

Reference: E-071/19