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Statement from OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro on the Elections in Haiti

  June 8, 2016

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) welcomes the publication of the Haitian electoral calendar set for October 9, 2016, and January 8, 2017 by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). The continuation of the presidential, legislative and local elections is a critically important step towards the institutional stability of Haiti. The General Secretariat recognizes this process as an inclusive effort by all political parties, institutions and civil society in Haiti to overcome the political impasse.

The General Secretariat calls upon all stakeholders to commit to the electoral calendar as a way to reinforce the democratic process and institutions. We wish that this new phase helps to engender political support for a Haitian solution among the country’s political actors.

The OAS General Secretariat has been accompanying Haiti, a founding member of the Organization, during both electoral and verification processes that have taken place within the last year, and it will continue to play a positive role in the electoral process.

It is essential for Haiti to return to elected governance and the General Secretariat believes that this course of action would further strengthen the democratic process and allow Haitians to elect officials, including the President of the Republic, members of parliament and local authorities, as provided by the Haitian Constitution.

Reference: E-071/16