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  March 31, 2003

Norway’s Permanent Observer to the Organization of American States, Ambassador Knut Vollebaek, today formally delivered a half million Kroner (US$69,600) contribution, earmarked for the OAS Special Mission for Strengthening Democracy in Haiti.

In presenting the check to OAS Assistant Secretary General Luigi Einaudi, the Norwegian diplomat explained that the contribution underscores his country’s support for dialogue in Haiti and appreciation of the work of the OAS. He also hailed the recent high-level OAS/CARICOM mission to Haiti, which Ambassador Einaudi led jointly with Saint Lucian Foreign Minister Julian Hunte.

Ambassador Vollebaek commended the dedication of the OAS and its staff to bringing about a resolution to the political crises in Haiti’s political situation, and pledged the continued support of his country for the Organization’s work in that regard. “We see it is very important that the Special Mission continue.”

Accepting the gift as further demonstration of Norway’s commitment to the work of the OAS, the Assistant Secretary General told Ambassador Vollebaek that the OAS values Norway’s support to the Special Mission in Haiti, a country where Norway has played an important role in promoting intra-state dialogue and encouraging cooperation between Haiti and the Dominican Republic which share the island of Hispaniola. Einaudi said contributions from OAS member and observer states are important in reinforcing the OAS’ role in finding solutions to some of the Hemisphere’s most pressing problems.

Reference: E-071/03