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OAS Observation Mission continues to monitor the Peruvian electoral process

  June 24, 2021

The Electoral Observation Mission (EOM) of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Peru, led by former Paraguayan Foreign Minister Rubén Ramíez Lezcano, continues to monitor the development of the post-electoral phase of the process.

Since Election Day, the Mission has observed the work of the Special Electoral Juries (JEE) that addressed claims by political parties related to disputed statements of poll, as well as the annulment actions that were presented and the appeals before the National Elections Jury (JNE).

During this stage, the Mission has been able to verify that said procedures have been carried out in accordance with the law and regulations in force, and appreciates the fact that the Peruvian system guarantees due process. The Mission observed that the political parties in contention had equal opportunities to present their claims and to be heard, and found that the decisions of the collegiate electoral bodies are deliberative, expeditious and public. The Mission has observed that, up to this point, the actions of the jurisdictional bodies have adhered to current regulations.

The OAS/EOM also takes note of the unusual resignation of Judge Luis Arce Córdova from the Plenary of the National Elections Jury (JNE) at such a delicate moment in the electoral process. The Mission is following up on the resolution of the JNE through which Dr. Arce Córdova has been suspended in order to facilitate the convocation of the corresponding representative of the Public Ministry, and in this way allow the JNE to comply with constitutional requirements and with the electoral calendar.

The Mission reiterates the importance of all political actors and citizens conducting themselves in a calm and responsible fashion, avoiding the spread of false news and living up to the moment the country is experiencing. Likewise, it rejects the demonstrations that have taken place at the private homes of members of the electoral authorities which violate their right to privacy. This behavior is unacceptable in a democracy.

The Mission will continue to observe the development of the electoral process until the announcement of the results by the JNE.

Reference: E-066/21