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OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Peru Presents Preliminary Report

  June 11, 2021

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Peru, headed by the former Foreign Minister of Paraguay, Rubén Ramírez Lezcano, has remained on the ground after the second round held on Sunday, June 6, with the aim of giving punctual follow-up to the post-electoral stage and holding various meetings with electoral and government authorities, as well as with relevant political actors.

Yesterday, the Mission was received by the President of the Republic, Francisco Sagasti, to discuss the observation work carried out in Peru, and held meetings with the Chair of the National Elections Jury (JNE), Jorge Luis Salas Arenas, and with the Head of the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE), Piero Corvetto, to hear their perspectives regarding the electoral process and the progress in the processing of the minutes.

In addition, the Mission met with the candidate for the Fuerza Popular party, Keiko Fujimori, and with the candidate from Peru Libre, Pedro Castillo. In these meetings, the Mission listened to the impressions of the political forces and spoke of the deployment carried out to comprehensively analyze the elections.

The Mission highlights the agreement of both candidacies not to proclaim themselves winners until all challenges have been resolved, of respecting the guarantees of the Peruvian electoral process and institutional framework, and of recognizing the electoral result once the jurisdictional phase of the election has been released.

In all the meetings, the OAS Mission has expressed that it observed a positive electoral process, in which substantive improvements were registered between the first and second rounds. Likewise, that the Mission has not detected serious irregularities.

The findings of the Mission, as well as the recommendations aimed at strengthening the Peruvian democratic processes, are contained in the preliminary report presented here.

The Mission trusts that the electoral authorities will continue to carry out the serious and professional work they have done thus far. Likewise, it vows that all political actors are given the necessary guarantees of a democratic process, that they exhaust the appeals presented in accordance with the law and that, once this stage is concluded, the popular will is recognized and respected.

The Mission will maintain a technical team in the national territory that will continue to monitor the process until its conclusion.

Reference: E-065/21