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OAS Assistant Secretary: OAS must focus on People, Peace and Prosperity

  March 3, 2010

Pledging his ongoing commitment to the OAS and to its Member States, OAS Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramdin today vowed to work to strengthen the organization and to place renewed emphasis on three Ps: People, peace and prosperity.

The full text of the speech may be read here

In a meeting of the Permanent Council, Ramdin highlighted important accomplishments during his first term in office and presented a vision for a new term. “I present my candidacy with a record of achievement, a demonstrated commitment to this organization and the citizens of our hemisphere, and a clear ability to listen, take decisions, and act in partnership with others,” said Ramdin.

Ambassador Ramdin introduced the concept of “next-generation measures” to strengthen and deepen democracy. These measures “incorporate human rights as a fundamental part of the education and governance framework, and new approaches with respect to the modernization of political systems and political parties.” According to Ramdin, next generation measures must also “emphasize integral development as a fundamental part of democratic strengthening and incorporate comprehensive strategies that pay particular attention to vulnerable economies and the potential and aspirations of our citizens.”

He further highlighted education and capacity building as fundamental pillars for development. He called for more and greater attention to gender and youth, noting that investment in these two key groups is invaluable for ending the cycle of intergenerational transmission of poverty.

In his presentation, Ramdin affirmed that the OAS must retain dynamism and insight, without losing sight of its core values. He further underscored the need to modernize the Organization through greater operational efficiency, streamlining, and an enhanced outreach program. “The OAS of the 21st century must become more adept in responding to the evolving marketplace of ideas, new styles of leadership, as well as the changing needs and priorities of its member states,” said the candidate.

The election for the Secretary General and Assistant Secretary General will take place on March 24th at a special session of the OAS General Assembly at the organization’s headquarters in Washington, DC.

Photographs of the event will be posted here

Reference: E-062/10