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Venezuela: OAS Secretary General and Leopoldo López Urge Immediate Return to Democracy

  July 12, 2017

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, held a telephone conversation this afternoon with Leopoldo López.

During the conversation, the two agreed on the need to continue working for the return of democracy to Venezuela and the recovery of the rights of the Venezuelan people.

They also emphasized the urgent need for the regime to cease repression, to publish a comprehensive electoral calendar, open a humanitarian channel to meet the needs of the people of the country, completely restore the powers of the National Assembly and release all political prisoners, including a complete release for López himself.

They expressed their recognition of the Venezuelan people, who achieved the release of López, following more than 100 days of pro-democracy protests.

In the same way, the highlighted the importance of the plebiscite called for Sunday, July 16.

On the contrary, they agreed that the holding of the National Constituent Assembly would entail the final dismantling of democracy, and called on the people to join forces for Venezuela to return to the path of democracy and institutionality.

Reference: E-053/17