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OAS Secretary General Condemns Violence in Venezuela and Calls on All Sides to Avoid Confrontations that could Result in More Victims

  February 13, 2014

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, lamented the deaths that resulted from the acts of violence that took place in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela yesterday, February 12 and forcefully condemned them. In addition, he urged all sides to avoid further confrontations that could aggravate existing tensions, resulting in more victims.

The leader of the regional Organization called on authorities to carry out a “truthful, objective and transparent investigation to determine responsibility for the deaths and injuries, according to the laws of Venezuela, by the Courts of Justice, with respect for human rights and guarantees of due process.” Secretary General Insulza warned, “there should not be a response to the protest, nor to the criminal acts committed by isolated individuals, that involves the use of more violence against people, groups of people, media, or institutions.”

In the view of the OAS leader " the unfortunate events that Venezuelans experienced on February 12 demonstrate once again that the urgent problems of the country can only be overcome through a broad dialogue within a framework of full respect for the law and coexistence."

In this context, Secretary General Insulza reiterated his call "to government officials, political forces and institutional referents to foster a climate of peace that will address the underlying problems affecting the country, avoiding threatening statements that have prevailed following the incidents."

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Reference: E-048/14