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Statement of the OAS General Secretariat on the Situation in Peru

  August 5, 2022

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS), guided by the principles of its founding Charter and the Inter-American Democratic Charter, is following closely and with concern the situation of conflict both in the institutional sphere and in the social area in the Republic of Peru. The evident lack of effective dialogue between the legislative and executive powers, in particular; the growing crisis in different areas left by the pandemic, and a concerning image of decision makers in public opinion, make governance vulnerable.

It is essential that bridges of dialogue and agreements be built in defense of democratic institutions, the full validity of public powers and maintenance of internal peace. In this sense, preventing the departure of the President to attend the transfer of power in another country that has recently democratically elected its authorities does not contribute to reducing the tension between the Executive and Congress.

The General Secretariat takes this opportunity to greet the new leadership of the Congress of the Republic of Peru and wish them the greatest success in the search for solutions to the problems that afflict the country.

In this sense, the OAS General Secretariat of the OAS places at the disposal of the country, as always, all the instruments of the Inter-American System aimed at the peaceful resolution of conflicts, consensus building and the validity of governance.

Reference: E-042/22