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OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Colombia Highlights Successful Second Round Presidential Vote

  June 19, 2018

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) deployed to Colombia today highlighted the success of the second round presidential election held on Sunday, June 17 and welcomed the fact that citizen participation, which reached 53.04%, maintained the historic level reached in the elections of May 27.

In its preliminary report, the Mission highlighted the calm in which the election took place, in which no public order incidents were reported. The Mission also highlighted that it was not necessary to move voting centers for security reasons. The Mission said the three elections held in 2018, the first held since the signing of the Peace Agreements, “have been the calmest in several decades. This deserves to be recognized and celebrated.”

The Mission also congratulated the winning ticket, made up of Iván Duque and Marta Lucía Ramírez, and celebrated the fact that Colombia will have, for the first time, a woman in the position of Vice President. Likewise it recognized the ticket of Colombia Humana, made up of Gustavo Petro and Ángela María Robledo, and wished them success in their future endeavors in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

In its report, the Mission made recommendations on issues related to electoral organization and technology, campaign financing, and electoral norms, among other issues, with the aim of contributing to the strengthening of the Colombian electoral system.

Headed by the former Vice President of Costa Rica, Kevin Casas Zamora, the Mission was made up of 32 international experts and observers of 12 nationalities, and 8 people who observed the vote abroad in 8 cities in 7 countries. This is the third deployment the OAS has made in Colombia in 2018, after having observed the legislative elections of March 11 and the first round on May 27. In total, 139 experts and observers were deployed.

During the election, the OAS observers visited 518 voting tables in 189 voting centers in 13 departments of the country and the Capital District.

In the near future, the Mission will present its final report to the OAS Permanent Council.

Reference: E-040/18