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  February 11, 2009

The Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American Sates (OAS), Albert Ramdin, recently met with representatives from the Organization Private Sector of the Americas to discuss issues related to the private sector participation in the forums scheduled to be held prior to the V Summit of the Americas and the 39th OAS General Assembly.

During the meeting, Mr. Enrique Obando, Vice-president of the Organization Private Sector of the Americas, extended a formal invitation to Ambassador Ramdin to participate at the II Hemispheric Private Sector Forum: “Promoting Private Sector-Led Prosperity in the Emerging Decade: The Quest for Competitiveness,” to be held in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, April 15th and 16th, 2009 in the framework of the V Summit of the Americas, which will gather the Heads of State of 34 governments of the Western Hemisphere.

Assistant Secretary General Ramdin accepted the invitation and took the opportunity to reiterate the increasing importance of the private sector’s engagement in the decision-making process, in view of the current world economic situation, in which the private sector is playing a key role.

Participants of the meeting considered that the forum will provide room for interaction between government officials and private sector representatives, who will be able to discuss a new perspective for development priorities and shape partnerships towards a shared vision for the America’s development. According to the organizers of the forum, it will be “an opportunity to set the course for a more global and competitive dynamic in the Hemisphere.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, Ambassador Ramdin and the representatives from the Private Sector of the Americas agreed to continue working together in an effort to provide the business community of the region with an opportunity to exchange ideas and communicate their views on the prospects for business growth and human prosperity.

Reference: E-036/09