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  February 11, 2009

OAS Assistant Secretary General, Ambassador Albert R. Ramdin, yesterday provided an update to the Group of Friends of Haiti on recent electoral developments in Haiti including the decision of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to approve 65 of the 105 registered candidates for the upcoming partial senatorial elections scheduled to be held on April 19th, this year.

In his remarks, Ambassador Ramdin, reiterated that the OAS recognizes the authority of the CEP in electoral matters as an independent body, and stated that “a smooth electoral preparation for the elections on the 19th of April requires an inclusive process, where not only the CEP, but also the political parties have the responsibility of complying with the electoral law”.

The Assistant Secretary General also called for a dialogue among the stakeholders and for the broadest participation in the upcoming elections in accordance with the electoral law of Haiti. He stressed that the OAS is in favor of strengthening the CEP as an independent, rule based, non-partisan, respected and authoritative electoral institution.

Ambassador Duly Brutus, Permanent Representative of Haiti to the OAS informed the Group of Friends that “the Haitian government recognizes the CEP as an independent authority and as such respects the decisions of this principal electoral body.” Likewise, several OAS Permanent Representatives expressed support for the CEP and called for a constructive political dialogue to solve the problems related to the nominations by Fanmi Lavalas.

While confirming that the OAS will continue to provide support for the CEP, in preparation for the elections, Assistant Secretary General Ramdin, Chairman of the Haiti Task Force, expressed the hope that the timeline for the overdue elections will not be affected. Ambassador Ramdin also thanked the international community for their financial and technical assistance to Haiti.

Last week, the OAS Secretary General Secretary, José Miguel Insulza, expressed publicly his concern about the decision of the Provisional Electoral Council of Haiti (CEP) to exclude all of one party’s candidates for the senatorial elections scheduled to be held in that country on April 19 this year, and called for calm among all Haitian political actors, recalling that “dialogue is the only valid mechanism for resolving differences.”

Reference: E-034/09