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Chief of OAS Electoral Mission in Paraguay Laura Chinchilla Arrived in the Country to Observe General Elections

  April 17, 2018

The Chief of Mission of the Organization of American States that will observe the April 22 general elections in Paraguay, former Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla, arrived on Tuesday in the country.

The Mission, which began its work on Thursday April 12, is made up of 40 international observers and experts. It will carry out a substantive analysis in terms of the inclusion of women, political-electoral financing, the use of electoral technology, electoral organization and justice.

During the signing of the agreement on procedures with the Superior Court of Electoral Justice, the Chief of Mission said “the objective of all OAS Observation Missions is to contribute to the strengthening of electoral processes in the hemisphere, and that is the spirit that drives us.”

The OAS has deployed 14 Electoral Observation Missions in Paraguay since 1991, including the 2015 municipal elections and the 2013 general elections. During its stay in the country, the Mission will meet with electoral authorities, government representatives, parties, candidates and representatives of civil society to learn about the technical aspects surrounding the electoral process and to gather impressions about the election.

The Mission has received financial contributions from Argentina, Bolivia, France, Peru, Spain and the United States.

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Reference: E-020/18