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OAS Delivers Training Manual for Workshops on Identification and Registration of Early Response System Cases to Government of Peru

  January 25, 2013

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) today delivered the Training Manual for the "Workshops for the Identification and Registration of cases of the Early Response and Alert System" for regional and provincial governors in Peru.

The OAS has been supporting the government of Peru in the strengthening of the institutional capacity of the Office of National Dialogue and Sustainability of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru (ONDS/PCM) in implementing its national strategy of prevention, management and resolution of social conflict, through training and socialization mechanisms to prevent social conflicts.

With technical support from the Center for Analysis and Conflict Resolution at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, the OAS General Secretariat conducted eight "Workshops for Identification and Registration of cases of the Early Response and Alert System," which trained more than 100 public officials, including regional governors across the country, provincial governors of nine regions of Peru, and other officials of the Ministry of Interior and the ONDS/PCM on the criteria for identifying potential social conflicts and the tools needed to power the System’s software, which is being built by this organ of the PCM. The Training Manual is expected to be institutionalized in the area of ​​this office and thus the training of provincial governors in the rest of the country will continue.

On Wednesday, the General Secretariat of the OAS supported the ONDS/PCM in conducting a "Multisectoral Workshop: Early Response System" to analyze the institutional mechanisms and processes of the various ministries of the national government in attending to social conflicts. The purpose of this workshop was to begin the task of working with different sectors in building inter-agency responses to the alerts produced by the Early Response and Alert System. It was attended by 55 representatives of the agencies responsible for managing social conflict in the 18 ministries of the country, as well as other agencies involved in the issue.

During the ceremony to mark the delivery of the Training Manual, the OAS recognized the work that has been carried out by the Peruvian government in its efforts to improve the state's ability to manage social conflicts, as well as in the prevention of such disputes.

These activities are carried out within the context of the institutional strengthening project in mediation and dialogue of the Department of Democratic Sustainability and Special Missions (DSDSM) of the Secretariat for Political Affairs of the OAS, which is funded by the government of Canada.

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Reference: E-018/13