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Youth of the Americas to Meet in Lima for Model OAS General Assembly

  May 11, 2010

The 28th Model of the Organization of American States (OAS) General Assembly will be inaugurated this Wednesday, May 12, in Lima, Peru, for Universities of the Hemisphere (XXVIII MOEA), with the participation of 500 university students from 41 universities of Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Guyana, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, United States and Venezuela, who will represent until Friday, May 15 the Member States of the OAS and four Permanent Observer States.

This simulation Model is organized by the Department of International Affairs of the OAS, jointly with the Law School of the University of San Martín de Porres (USMP) of Lima, and relies on a financial contribution from the Government of Spain. Authorities from the Government of Peru, the OAS and the USMP will be present at the inauguration.

The students, said Irene Klinger, Director of the Department responsible for Model OAS, will present their own version of the Declaration of the next OAS General Assembly: “Peace, Security and Cooperation in the Americas,” and will debate current inter-American affairs such as: the application of the principles of the Inter-American Democratic Charter to prevent political crises; the participation of women in decision-making in the political, social and economic spheres; follow-up and transparency in arms acquisition; participation of civil society in the design of policies about environmental law and sustainable development for the strengthening of democratic governance; and the development of methodologies to facilitate payment and opportunities for greater contributions to the OAS.

The MOAS has been designed to promote democratic values among the youth of the Hemisphere through the exercise of a simulation in which the students represent the Member States of the OAS in the drafting, negotiation, debate and approval of resolutions based on the positions of the countries represented. The MOAS in Lima, aside from fulfilling this purpose, has the objective of familiarizing the Peruvian youth and population, and that of all the Americas in general, with the priorities on the inter-American Agenda in anticipation of the 40th Regular Session of the OAS General Assembly to be held in Lima from June 6 to 8. The Declaration and resolutions approved by the students will be presented to the representatives of the Governments gathered in said General Assembly.

All information relevant to the MOAS in Lima and the Program in general may be found online at Questions may be submitted by email at [email protected] or by phone at 202-458-6897.

For more information, please visit the OAS Website at

WHAT: The 28th Model of the Organization of American States (OAS) General Assembly for Universities

WHEN: May 12-15, 2010

WHERE: Law School of the Universidad San Martin de Porres (USMP)

Reference: AVI-157/10