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With OAS Support, Haitian Orchestra Will Offer Concert to Victims of Earthquake

  February 3, 2010

The orchestra of the École de Musique Sainte Trinité, of Haití, will offer a concert at 4 p.m. local time this Friday, February 5, in Bel Air, Port-au-Prince. The École has cooperated with the OAS on its Youth Orchestra Program for Youths at Risk in the Caribbean, which seeks to address Haiti’s youth violence and high school dropout rates. In its first concert since the earthquake that struck the island, the orchestra seeks to contribute to raise the spirit of the Haitian people, while the OAS will seek to relocate and regroup the young students that participated in its program of social inclusion through music.

The OAS program had recruited some 80 at-risk youths from Bel Air and begun daily music instruction at the École de Musique Sainte Trinité when the earthquake struck on January 12, causing the school building to collapse. Classes had let out for the day and the students had left the school. Since then, the OAS has been unable to reestablish contact with its students.

Some of the musical instruments recovered from the ruins of the school will be used in Friday’s concert, which will be performed at Kay Nou (“our home”), a community center used by the Brazilian non-governmental organization Viva Rio to run its programs in Haiti but currently being used to provide shelter for those displaced by the earthquake.

The OAS hopes to continue its Orchestra Program for at-risk youths in Haiti as soon as possible. In the organization of the concert the OAS assisted the École de Musique Sainte Trinité and Viva Rio. The orchestra of the École de Musique Sainte Trinité will be accompanied by the school’s children’s choir known as Les Petits Chanteurs.

For more information, please contact Pablo Ros at the OAS Press Office by calling 202-368-0215.

WHAT: Concert of Hope to Victims of Haiti Earthquake

WHEN: Friday, February 5, at 4 p.m. local time

WHERE: Kay Nou community center
67, Boulevard Jean Jacques Dessaline
Portail Saint Joseph, next to La Saline

Reference: AVI-033/10