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Grenada Assumes Chair of the Permanent Council

  July 12, 2019

Grenada Assumes Chair of the Permanent Council
Photo: OAS

The Permanent Representative of Grenada to the Organization of American States (OAS), Yolande Smith, today assumed the chair of the Permanent Council of the Organization, which is held on a rotating basis every three months.

Ambassador Smith spoke of the importance of carrying out the Council's actions based on integrity. "Integrity in the process, in the way we conduct our daily affairs, in the responsibility entrusted to us; at the end of the day we are representatives of our countries and our symbols, our sovereignty and our statehood must be respected," she said.

For his part, the outgoing Chair and Permanent Representative of the United States, Carlos Trujillo, thanked the representatives of the countries "for their help and support over the last three months. I thought we had a very successful presidency and at the same time a very successful General Assembly."

The Permanent Representative of Canada, Jennifer Loten, will serve as Vice Chair of the Council for the next three months.

Reference: FNE-97072