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OAS Launches Book on Sustainable Development in the Caribbean

  June 28, 2010

OAS Launches Book on Sustainable Development in the Caribbean

The Organization of American States (OAS), through its Department for Sustainable Development, today launched the book titled, "Sustainable Development in the Caribbean: Contemporary Issues, Challenges and Opportunities," that seeks to gather the diverse initiatives in this area to increase the knowledge base and literature in this field and foster the exchange of information and experiences.

The event took place at the Organization's headquarters in Washington, DC, and was presided by OAS Executive Secretary for Integral Development, Alfonso Quiñonez, who spoke on behalf of OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza.

Quiñonez highlighted some of the challenges facing the Caribbean region, such as predicted increases in temperature, sea-level rise and hurricane intensity, and reiterated the importance of government action to address them. "In this light, it is vitally important that concerted action be taken by Governments, sustainable development practitioners, investors, academics and other relevant stakeholders to advance best practices with regard to sustainable development," he said.

He added that "it is the hope of the OAS that the publication of this book will catalyze exchange of information and experiences, so that lessons learned and best practices may be built upon and enhanced. It is only through our collaborative efforts that tangible progress can be made toward a more prosperous and sustainable Caribbean."

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Reference: FNE-4260