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Annual Workshop and Seminar 2019

15-22 August 2019 in Lima, Peru



Nearly 100 members of the ITEN community came together for a face-to-face gathering in the district of Miraflores in Lima, Peru in mid-August. The purpose of this annual meeting was to promote cooperation and information exchange within and among Project Teams and ITEN's various stakeholder groups…  >> Read More


Teacher Fellowship 2019

The First Hemispheric Fellowship for STEM Teachers



ITEN is pleased to announce the nomination of more than 30 exemplary teachers to the ITEN Teacher Fellowship. These teachers were identified by governmental education agencies of 10 OAS Member States for their excellence in instruction and their capacity for leadership. All ITEN Teacher Fellows will attend the ITEN workshops and Seminar from August 15-22 in Lima, Peru… >> Read More

MOOC: Pedagogical Strategies for the Development of Critical Thinking

Join this free MOOC between 21 September and 21 November 2019


This MOOC offers tools to help teachers embed critical thinking into their teaching, from less plans to assessment. Using videos, real-world lesson plans, sample rubrics, and more, teachers will learn to (1) define and describe critical thinking in their own words, to (2) plan, deliver and assess lessons that promote critical thinking, and to (3) apply the methodologies of Socratic seminar, academic conversation skills, project-based learning, and service learning in their classrooms…  >> Read More

Strengthening the Teaching Profession

A Report on Policies, Partnership and Cooperation to Support Education in the Americas



This report, composed of contributions from OAS Member States, provides a broad overview of general teacher education policies in the hemisphere… >> Read More



ITEN News Archive

See an archive of ITEN's newsworthy events and activities... >> Read More



This initiative is carried out with the generous contribution of the U.S. Permanent Mission to the OAS.