Secretariat for Political Affairs
Strengthening Democracy in the Hemisphere
OAS to Observe Presidential, Legislative, Municipal and Local Elections in Haiti in 2015
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June 10th: Launch of SPA Working Paper Series on Politics in the Americas
10:00 am, Gabriela Mistral Room, OAS GSB

iconVolumen No. 1: Desigualdad Política
OAS Mission Applauds the Triumph of Mexico’s Democratic Institutions - June 8, 2015
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Award ceremony for Short Film Contest “Get Informed and Improve your Life!”
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New Electoral Observation Missions Database
The Electoral Observation Missions Database is a tool that compiles and systematizes the information from each of the missions the OAS has deployed in the hemisphere.
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OAS Congratulates the People of Suriname for their Exemplary Civic Spirit in the 2015 General Elections
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Advanced Inter-American Program on Policy Innovation and Management - AIPIM 2015
The program is focused on the frontiers/state-of-art of policy management and innovation designed for experienced OAS-member States’ senior policy makers.
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Regional Seminar: Political Reform Processes in Central America - May 18, 2015
This Seminar is to take place in the framework of the Political Reforms in Latin America project in San José, Costa Rica

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