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OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Peru Begins Final Deployment
- May 27, 2016

The EOM of the OAS in Peru, headed by former Uruguayan Foreign Minister Sergio Abreu, began the final deployment of 72 international experts and observers that will accompany the second round of the presidential election on Sunday, June 5.
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Report of the Special Representative of the Secretary General, Juan Jiménez Mayor, on the first 30 days of MACCIH
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OAS Observation Mission to Elections in Dominican Republic Proposes In-depth Structural Reform
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Final Report of OAS Electoral Observation Mission in St. Vincent and the Grenadines Reiterates Concerns and Achievements of the Process
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Inter-American Award on Innovation for Effective Public Management - 2016 Edition
The Award is an activity carried out by the OAS Department for Effective Public Management (DEPM).

Beginning call for applications: May 2, 2016 icon
OAS Electoral Mission in Belize recognized advances in procedures and systems that allowed for an inclusive electoral process
The EOM/OAS that observed the general elections in Belize on November 4, 2015 today presented a report to the Permanent Council highlighting the procedures and systems “that generated a generally inclusive and clean electoral process”.
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Bolivian Referendum: OAS Mission Congratulates High Participation, Civic and Democratic Spirit
The EOM/OAS in Bolivia, headed by the former President of the Dominican Republic Leonel Fernández today congratulated the Bolivian people for the high participation, and civic and democratic spirit shown in the constitutional referendum...
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OAS Mission that Observed Elections in Guatemala Presented Report February 20, 2016
The Permanent Council of the OAS today received the verbal report of the Mission that observed last year's general elections in Guatemala, presented by the Chief of Mission, Juan Pablo Corlazzoli.
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