Secretariat for Access to Rights and Equity (SARE)

Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups Section

The Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups Section provides support to the Member States for the fulfillment of the mandates of the OAS, related to the promotion of the rights of people in vulnerable situations. For this purpose the Section executes different actions and cooperation projects; encourages regional and hemispheric dialogue for the exchange of information and experience; and contributes to the development and dissemination of methodologies that ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of policies, programs and projects in coordination with the various actors and institutions of the Member States.

The Section provides technical support to the respective inter-American forums on advocacy and inclusion of vulnerable populations, particularly in the case of people with disabilities, the elderly and consumers. It also supports relevant government agencies in the design, development and harmonization of relevant policies and in identifying activities and programs in this area.

Among its tasks, the Section produces the necessary inputs for the planning and organization of meetings at a technical and political level; and is the technical secretariat for the following bodies:

• Consumer Safety and Health Network and the Inter-American Rapid Alert System

• Program of Action for the Decade of the Americas for the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities

• Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities

• Coordination of the Inclusion Project in Haiti, for institutional modernization and promotion of rights of persons with disabilities

Working Group on Protection of the Human Rights of Older Persons