Frequently Asked Questions

        General Questions

        1. Where are the internships held?
        2. Which dates/sessions may I participate in?
        3. Who can apply for this program?

Students at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as young professionals, regardless of their nationality (it is not required to be a national of an OAS member country). Undergraduate students must have completed at least three semesters at university in order to apply to the program.

        4. Is there an age limit to participate?
        5. May I be a part time intern or must I be a full time intern?
        6. Is the internship paid?
        7. As a foreigner, if I travel to the United States exclusively to do the internship, may I work in a complementary way to pay my bills?
        8. Is it necessary to be a student to participate?
        9. If my country is not a member of the OAS, may I participate in the program?  
      10. What areas or departments offer internships in the Washington, DC offices?
      11. In what areas do internships take place in the National Offices?
      12. What are the weekly meetings in Washington, DC about?
      13. What are the weekly activities in the National Offices about?
      14. What is the MOAS/PC?
      15. Do I need a valid visa to enter the United States at the time of application?

        Requirements and Conditions

      16. What are the requirements to participate?
      17. What is the equivalent of 3.0 out of 4.0 in other grading scales?
      18. Is it necessary to translate all supporting documents into English?
      19. What is the primary language used in the Washington, DC internship program?
      20. What is the primary language for the internships in the National Offices?
      21. Is it necessary to certify my second (or third) language? (ex. TOEFL)
      22. What are my responsibilities as an intern?

        Application: Forms/Letters

      23. In what language should I complete the application form?
      24. Where do I send my letters?
      25. What should I put under “Visa Type” on the application form?  

        Application Process and Notification

      26. Does it matter if my application is received at the beginning or end of the application process?
      27. Who selects the interns?
      28. How do I know if I was selected?
      29. If an area/department interviews me, does that mean that I was selected?  
      30. Is it possible to know an approximate date when I will be informed if I was selected or not?
      31. How many interns are selected?
      32. If I apply for the internships and I am not selected, may I re-apply?
If I do an internship, may I reapply to an internship in a different area/department or a National Office?

        Expenses During the Internship in Washington, DC

      34. Does the Internship Program offer financial support for living expenses during my internship?  
      35. Where can I find information on housing?
      36. What is the approximate cost of an internship in Washington DC?