Secretariat for Administration and Finance

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The mission of the Secretariat for Administration and Finance (SAF) is to provide leadership and guidance on administrative support activities, including budgetary and financial management, information technology services of the General Secretariat, general services management (including buildings and security services), and procurement and contracting of goods and services, as well as personnel management and training, in accordance with established principles of professional management.

The SAF and its dependencies and staff are under the general direction, supervision, and control of the secretary for administration and finance, who answers to the Secretary General, in accordance with the legal system of the Organization.

The SAF is composed of the Executive Office of the Secretary for Administration and Finance and the following dependencies:

      • the Department of Human Resources;
      • the Department of Financial Services;
      • the Department of Information and Technology Services;
      • the Department of Procurement Services, and
      • the Department of General Services.