Regular Meeting of the Permanent Council
Date: November 15, 2011 - 02:30 PM
Place: Simon Bolivar Room, OAS Building Washington, DC

Adoption of the order of business. Remarks by the permanent Representative of Panama to the OAS. (01'17")

Remarks by Jose Miguel Insulza, Secretary General, OAS (01'13")

Remark by the Permanent Representative of Canada to the OAS. (01'06")

Report of the Chair of the Committee on Inter-American Summits Management and Civil Society Participation in OAS Activities on the recommendations on applications by civil society organizations to participate in OAS activities (CP/CISC-605/11). And remarks by the delegations of: Uruguay, United States, Canada And Venezuela. (13'13)

Remarks by the delegation of Colombia. (00''30")

Consideration of the proposed format of the special meeting of the Permanent Council to be held with the participation of all sectors of society, including civil society, in accordance with the mandates contained in General Assembly resolutions AG/RES. 2555 (XL-O/10) and AG/RES. 2694 (XLI-O/11) concerning the Inter-American Democratic Charter (CP/INF. 6346/11)  (08'26)

Presentation of the report on the Electoral Observation Mission to Guatemala by José Octavio Bordón, Chief of Mission (18'37")

Remarks by the Delegations of: Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, ,El Salvador, United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Venezuela. (18'09")

Presentation of the report on the Mission of Electoral Accompaniment to Nicaragua by Dante Caputo, Chief of Mission  (19'24)

Remarks by the Delegations of : Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico, Canada, United States, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama, and Nicaragua. (48'44")

Working Group on the Review of OAS Programs. (06'14")

Remarks by the Delegations of: United States, Canada, Barbados, and Guatemala. (07'08")

Remarks by Jose Miguel Insulza, Secretary General, OAS. (03'55")

Remarks by the Chair of the Permanent Council (00'42)

Other Business. Remarks by the Delegations of: Mexico and Guatemala. (02'38")