Seminar on Spectrum Requirements for Broadband Deployment
Date: November 9, 2009 - 10:00 AM
Place: Hall of Americas Salon - Building of the OAS - Washington, DC

Welcome remarks by Mikhail Marsiglia - Alternate Chair of PCC.II - CITEL  (02'40")

Welcome remarks by Clovis Baptista - Executive Secretary of CITEL (04'17")

Welcome remarks by Erasmo Rojas - Coordinator of the Seminar  (02'36")

Wireless market update for the Americas. Chris Pearson, President, 3G Americas  (26'55")

Wireless market update for the rest of the world. Wladimir Bocquet, Deputy Director, Spectrum Orange France Telecom Group  (16'37")

Broadband Demand. Andres Maz, Executive Director, Advanced Technology Policy, CISCO  (20'43")

Questions and Answers (26'38")

The demand equation. Javier Camargo, Regional Director, Latin America Government & Industry Relations, Ericsson Mexico (27'00")

The supply equation. Eduardo Nascimento Lima, Manager of Corporate Affairs Latin America, Nokia Siemens Networks  (22'07")

Remarks by Marcos de Souza Oliveira, ANATEL, Brasil  (04'44")

Remarks by Juan Manuel Roldán, MINTIC, Colombia  (05'22")

Remarks by Allan Ruiz, MINAET, Costa Rica  (05'07'')

Remarks by Reynaldo González, COFETEL, Mexico  (11'42")

Remarks by Luis Ames, MTC, Peru  (08'12")

Questions and Answers (18'58")

Spectrum licensing for the new world. Wayne Leighton, Partner, Empiris LLC  (20'50")

The effect of regulations on innovation and technical efficiency of networks. Angel Alvarado Morales, Director Mexico, Caribbean and Central America, Alcatel-Lucent, Wireless Competence Center  (24'03")

Spectrum policy and regulation. Bob Calaff, Director of Spectrum & Technology Strategy, T-Mobile USA (22'46)

Questions and Answers (28'17")

Concluding Remarks by Erasmo Rojas, Coordinator of the Seminar (05'28")