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OAS Permanent Council Extends Until March Period to Present Proposals on Prioritization of Mandates

  December 19, 2012

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) today decided to extend until the second half of March 2013 the period for its Committees to present their proposals on the prioritization of mandates assigned to the institution’s General Secretariat.

Following a proposal by the Chair of the Council and Permanent Representative of Mexico, Joel Hernández, the body also asked the Chairs of all Working Groups to present, in January, a proposal on criteria “with the aim of targeting, in a joint and coordinated manner, the prioritization of mandates,” to finish the task within the expected timelines.

The Permanent Council adopted as well a commitment to continue “the political dialogue aimed at determining the best ways to achieve the goals which the OAS was originally founded for, and to do so with high priority and through the means it deems appropriate.” The body also authorized the Inter-American Committee for Integral Development and the Committee on Hemispheric Security to return to the General Committee those mandates they consider should be dealt with elsewhere. At the same time, it asked each Committee to consider those mandates that emerged from the most recent Summits of the Americas and Ministerial meetings.

The process of the prioritization of OAS mandates started after Secretary General José Miguel Insulza presented, in February 2012, the document “A new strategic vision of the OAS” with his ideas and proposals regarding the organization’s core tasks and the best way of rationalizing the budget so as to meet those demands. Following up on the aforementioned document, the Permanent Council adopted a Procedure and Schedule to carry it out. The process included the distribution of mandates by topic among the Council’s Committees, with the task of ordering them according to priority.

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Reference: E-471/12