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OAS Assistant Secretary General Urges Stronger Relationship between Government and Private Sector

  December 3, 2012

The Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Ambassador Albert Ramdin, says the current economic climate in the Americas requires a more strategic relationship between governments and the private sector.

Speaking at the Caribbean-Central American Action (CCAA) business meeting in New Orleans, the OAS official pointed to the link between economic stability, growth, quality of life and challenges to democracy. “Citizens of the Americas are demanding much more from their governments. We’ve seen cases where a lack of opportunity and limited options leads to resentment. In worst case scenarios, this can undermine the gains made in democracy and stability. We must work together to ensure a level of equity in opportunity. It is part of democracy.”

The Assistant Secretary General said a stronger, more transparent relationship between government and the private sector would be beneficial for both sides. “We have to re-think our strategy, if we hope to build and tap into the growth potential we have. More business friendly environments could be cultivated, with built in guarantees of benefits to local economies. Policies should also support the strengthening of small and medium sized business,” said the OAS official, adding that, “Perhaps eventually, we can move toward establishing more effective government and private sector councils, actively working to find opportunities and produce results.”

Ramdin, who also addressed a forum on “Doing Business in Haiti”, said relationships between governments and the private sector should move toward becoming more constructive and consultative. “We must work toward a common goal,” he stressed.

The OAS Assistant Secretary General also held meetings with the Secretary General of the Central American Integration System (SICA) and several business representatives while in New Orleans.

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Reference: E-444/12