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OAS-GCUB Scholarship recipients Announced for Masters Degrees and Doctorates in Brazil

  November 16, 2012

The Organization of American States (OAS) and the Coimbra Group of Brazilian Universities (GCUB), with support from the Division of Educational Issues of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, announced the winners of 145 scholarships for master's and doctoral programs in 19 universities in the South American country, which will begin in the first half of 2013.

These scholarships are part of the Program of Alliances for Education and Training of the OAS (PAEC), designed to diversify and increase the opportunities for training and development of human resources in the Americas. In this particular case, it seeks to promote greater integration of Brazilian universities with other countries in the region and promote scientific and cultural exchange, internationalization and student mobilization in the Americas and the promotion of human development.

4469 applications were received, of which 3405 were eligible for nomination and were considered in the process. The applications came from 26 countries, with Colombia and Peru heading the list of applicants.

The selection process was conducted in three phases. The first consisted of verification and consistency of the documentation received; the second was carried out by the 19 participating universities which analyzed the merit and possibility of admission of applicants to their university; and the third was the final selection, conducted by a Scientific Committee composed of Brazilian university professors of recognized prestige, by the OAS and the GCUB.

All successful candidates will receive full coverage of tuition or tuition and a partial contribution to monthly living expenses. Only the first 80 candidates in order of priority shall be entitled to a unique contribution to relocation costs, which will be given at the time of presentation at the University. The programs will be delivered at the campuses of the 19 participating universities, located in the five regions of Brazil.

The scholarships will allow students and professionals selected to carry out their studies in participating Brazilian universities during the whole term of the program. Upon completion of the master's degrees or doctorates, students will return to their countries to apply their learning and contribute to the development of their respective countries.

The list of candidates is available at:

Reference: E-414/12