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Chief of MEA/OAS Tours Voting Sites in Nicaragua

  November 6, 2011

Chief of MEA/OAS Tours Voting Sites in Nicaragua
Photo: OAS

The Chief of the Mission of Electoral Accompaniment of the Organization of American States (MEA/OAS) in Nicaragua, Dante Caputo, began a tour at 7 o'clock in the morning of voting sites in Managua to verify the normalcy of conditions at the start of Election Day. The former Foreign Minister visited three polling committees or "Juntas Receptoras de Votos" to witness first-hand the conditions prevailing during the first few hours of the general election in the Central American country. The Chief of the MEA said the work of the Mission is basically to contribute to the normalcy of the process. Caputo added that the electoral process is apparently evolving normally, though he expressed some concerns about the freedom of movement of the members of the MEA/OAS in eight of the country's departments. Also, he heard concerns from an opposition party regarding the accreditation of its witnesses, a situation he is addressing though national authorities.

Reference: FNE-7468