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Permanent Council Approves Declaration on Situation in Venezuela

  June 1, 2016

Permanent Council Approves Declaration on Situation in Venezuela
Photo: OAS

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) today approved by consensus a declaration in which the member states make an offer to Venezuela “in order to identify, by common accord, a course of action that will assist the search for solutions to the situation through open and inclusive dialogue” among political and social actors in the country “to preserve peace and security in Venezuela, with full respect for its sovereignty.”

The declaration also offers support for the initiative of the former presidents of Spain, the Dominican Republic, and Panama to reopen an effective dialogue between the government and the opposition, "in order to find alternatives to promote political stability, social development and economic recovery" of the country; the support of the Council "to the different initiatives of national dialogue that will lead, with adherence to the constitution and full respect for human rights and in a timely, prompt and effective manner, to the solution to the differences and the consolidation of representative democracy;” and its support to "all efforts of understanding, dialogue and constitutional procedures."

The complete text of the declaration is available here.

Reference: FNE-19676