Internship in Washington DC


Adapt your expectations:

Work and college are very different realities. At work, your supervisors will not give you an opinion about your performance as often as you are used to, and do not regularly ask for your opinion. Most likely you will not be asked to solve vital issues during an internship. You should view the internship as an opportunity to observe and learn.

Create a network of friends:

Introduce yourself to your co-workers and share your aspirations with them. Socialize during lunch. Participate in activities outside the office. Create friendly relationships during the internship.

Be professional:

Dress appropriately for work. Arrive on time. Give 100%, on whatever task you are required to do.


Be humble…you are not expected to know everything. Try to understand how your actions have an impact within the macro view of the organization.


Apply the theories you learned in college. Your input can help improve processes and create change. What makes a process efficient? Has this internship fulfilled your expectations? Do you think it was the right choice for you? How has this experience changed your life?

Be proactive:

Ask yourself how you can help and improve the work in your department. You can make a difference. Give and ask for feedback and contribute.