Official Photo of Antonio Lomba
Antonio Lomba
Chief of the Institutional Strengthening Unit

The Institutional Strengthening Unit of the Executive Secretariat of CICAD carries out the following activities, programs and projects:

Drug Policies, Strategies and Action Plans Program

Assistance with the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of national drug policies, plans, and strategies, at both the national and sub-national levels

Projects involved:

  • Strengthening Institutional Capacity through Training on National Drug Policies: Curriculum Development
  • Support for the Development of Local Drug Policies

Alternatives to Incarceration for Drug-Related Offenses Program

Promotion of alternatives to incarceration as part of a public health, human rights, and gender approach, including drug treatment courts, case management, and social integration strategies

Projects involved:

  • Gender in the Criminal Justice System: Alternatives to Incarceration for Drug-Related Offenses
  • Smarter Use of Alternatives to Incarceration and Sentencing through Better Information in Colombia
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Drug Treatment Courts and other Alternatives to Incarceration Models
  • Therapeutic Justice for Adolescents in Conflict with the Law with Substance Use Disorders in Peru
  • Implementation of Therapeutic Justice Programs in Mexico
  • Case Care Management System (CCM) for Social Integration of Drug-Related Offenders
  • Strengthening Therapeutic Communities and Treatment Centers in Latin America and the Caribbean with Italian support (FOCTALI)

Comprehensive and Sustainable Alternative Development (DAIS, by its Spanish language acronym)

CICAD assists member states in promoting national programs to reduce the illicit cultivation and illicit production of drugs through comprehensive and sustainable alternative development measures, where applicable, including the promotion of technical discussions on how to mitigate and reduce the impact of illicit crops and drug production on the environment, social welfare strategies and targeted attention, according to the particular needs of sub-national regions.

CICAD supports the Group of Experts on Comprehensive and Sustainable Alternative Development (known by its Spanish language acronym, GEDAIS).

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