Briefings and Tours (August 3, 2010)

Picture of briefing

On August 3, the OAS received a visit from SOUTHCOM with 21 Military from Instituto Nacional de Guerra del Ecuador (INAGUE). Jorge Sanin, Head, Relations with Permanent Observer Countries & Civil Society, Department of International Affairs, welcomed the group and gave an overview of the OAS. Agustin Fornell, Counselor Minister of the Permanent Mission of Ecuador to the OAS gave a description of the functions and objectives of the Ecuadorian mission to the OAS. Raul Lago, Principal Advisor, Department of Political Affairs gave a specialized briefing on Democracy. Gala Redington, Specialist, Secretariat of Multidimensional Security, gave a specialized briefing on Security and Mario Lopez Garelli, Principal Specialist, Executive Secretariat of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, gave a specialized briefing on Human Rights. The visit concluded with a guided through the Historical OAS Main Building provided by Betty Arevalo, Specialist, Department of International Affairs.