Working Group to Negotiate the Draft Declaration of Panama “Energy for Sustainable Development”



Draft Declaration of Panama “Energy for Development” CP/doc. 4168/07


Draft Declaration of Panama: “Energy for Sustainable Development” GT/DED-1/07 rev. 18


Note from the Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela requesting an extension of the deadline for presenting observations on the draft Declaration of Panama, “Energy for Development” GT/DED-2/07


Proposals for the Draft Declaration of Panama. “Energy for Development” - Argentina GT/DED-3/07 corr. 1

Chart with the Paragraphs of the Draft “Declaration of Panama: Energy for Sustainable Development” including proposals by the Member States (Document prepared by the General Secretariat) GT/DED-5/07

Note from the Permanent Mission of Bolivia transmitting a proposal GT/DED-7/07


Note from the Permanent Mission of Ecuador transmitting a proposal GT/DED-8/07


United States Proposed Paragraphs  GT/DED-9/07

Energy Security for Economic Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (Presented by Mr. Mark Lambrides, Department of Sustainable Development) GT/DED/INF.1/07


Comments by the Delegation of Canada on the Declaration of Panama -Energy for Development- (Presented at the meeting of the Working Group held on February 16, 2007) GT/DED/INF.2/07


Preliminary draft glossary of energy terms GT/DED/INF.4/07 rev. 1


Paragraphs proposed by Venezuela GT/DED-10/07


Note from the Delegation of Brazil transmitting a proposal GT/DED-11/07

Order of Business 
19 March 2007

13 March 2007


28 March 2007

9 March 2007
27 February 2007
12 February 2007

9 February 2007


16 February 2007