Non-Traditional Measures

Exchange information related to adopting and adapting provisions under domestic laws that govern processes for obtaining data and information, and exchange experiences involving government, service providers, end users and others, regarding the prevention, management of, and protection against cyber threats, with a view to sustained mutual cooperation to prevent, address, and investigate criminal activities that threaten security and to ensure an open, interoperable, secure and reliable internet, while respecting obligations and commitments under international law and international human rights law in particular

Activity Description

Conferencia virtual sobre “Funciones de los Oficiales de Estado Mayor en el Cumplimiento del Derecho Internacional Humanitario y los Derechos Humanos”, con la participación de Oficial de Inteligencia del Comando Aéreo del Norte “Teniente Coronel Danilo Eugenio Henry Sánchez”.

Place:Guatemala, Guatemala
Date of the Event:April 21, 2021

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