Cooperation in Justice-REMJA

¿What is REMJA?

The Meeings of Ministers of Justices, other Ministers, Prosecutors and Attorney Generals of the Americas (REMJA) is the premier hemispheric forum in criminal justice and international legal cooperation matters of the OAS and its Member States

Its vision is to be the meeting point for legal and judicial authorities of the Americas for exchanging information, experiencies and coordinating public policies to strengthen legal cooperation in the hemisphere.

The objective of the REMJA is to improve the systems of justice to be more effective, efficient, and expeditious, through legal cooperation between OAS Member States.


Its function

Information and experiences to coordinate public policies, consolidate and strengthen cooperation between States.
Member States so that cooperation and public policies are more effective.
Working Groups to follow-up on REMJA recommendations in criminal matters and cybercrime.
The coordination between the REMJA and other processes of international cooperation.

Working areas

The REMJA process develops tools and solutions so that legal cooperation in criminal matters is more resonsive and effective.
Within the REMJA framework, the OAS promotes international cooperation and exchange of information to increase the capacity of States to effectively fight cybercrime.
In order to carry out the objectives of reform and modernization of justice in the Hemisphere, the REMJA created the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA). Learn more here.

REMJA Meetings

As the premier Hemispheric forum, the REMJA meetings provide recommendations and mandates for the Working Groups created within its framework.

REMJA-X (Bogota, Colombia, October 15-16, 2015) Conclusions and Recommendations
REMJA-IX (Quito, Ecuador, November 28-29, 2012) Conclusions and Recommendations
REMJA VIII (Brasilia, Brazil, February 24-26, 2010) Conclusions and Recommendations Final Report
REMJA VII (Washington, D.C., United States, April 28-30, 2008) Conclusions and Recommendations Final Report
REMJA VI (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, April 24-26, 2006) Conclusions and Recommendations Final Report
REMJA V (OAS Headquarters, April 28-30, 2004) Conclusions and Recommendations Final Report
REMJA IV (Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, March 10-13, 2002) Conclusions and Recommendations Final Report
REMJA III (San Jose, Costa Rica, March 1-3, 2000) Conclusions and Recommendations Final Report
REMJA II (Lima, Peru, Mach 1-3, 1999) Conclusions and Recommendations Final Report
REMJA I (Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 1-3, 1997) Conclusions and Recommendations Final Report

Doc. Of Washington

Find the Document that governs the functions of the REMJA.

Strategic Partners

The process of the Meetings of Ministers Responsible for Public Security in the Americas (MISPA) of the OAS, is the main political forum in the Americas dedicated exclusively to identifying shared challenges, strategic solutions, and opportunities for cooperation to support decision-making on public security matters at the regional level, and subregional under five fundamental pillars: public security administration; prevention of crime, violence and insecurity; police administration; citizen and community participation; and international cooperation.