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Advancing Towards Sustainable Development in the Americas Hemispheric Round Table with representatives of Civil Society and Social Actors

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Place:Tela, Honduras
Date:October 18, 2015
Hour:2:00 pm to 5:30pm
Organizing entity:OAS – Department of Sustainable Development

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Dialogue: "Building a post 2015 Sustainable
Development Agenda for the America.

The DSD is committed to the development and implementation of policies that ensure civil society (individuals, the private sector, the labor sector, political parties, academics, and other non-governmental organizations) and youth participation in planning, managing, and decision-making for sustainable development.

In order to strengthen and guarantee a wide participation of civil society and youth during the preparatory process of the Second Ministerial Meeting, the DSD will conduct different kinds of outreach and public consultations processes, such as informative bulletins, a hemispheric virtual consultation forum, three subregional consultations and a hemispheric roundtable prior to the ministerial meeting.

Third Inter-American Meeting of Ministers and High Level Authorities on Sustainable Development

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