MIPyMEs - SEDI - DDSE - Departamento de Desarrollo Social y Empleo

MIPyMEs - SEDI / DDSE - Departamento de Desarrollo Social y Empleo

MIPyMEs - SEDI / DDSE - Departamento de Desarrollo Social y Empleo

I would like to welcome you to this website, where the Department of Social Development and Employment (DSDE) of the OAS presents activities undertaken on the support to micro, small and medium enterprises. Its main objective is to promote and reflect on the development of these enterprises as a strategy to fight poverty and create employment throughout the Hemisphere.

Among its main responsibilities, the recently created DSDE collects and systematizes information of the employment situation throughout the Americas , focusing especially on micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). It also promotes and supports the exchange of experiences based on the support and promotion of MSMES as a strategy to overcome poverty. It is also responsible of articulating and supporting the political dialogue at the highest level on issues related to employment, development and social inclusion.

The goal of this initiative, which counts with the kind auspices of the Spanish International Cooperation Agency (AECI), is to discuss, reflect and share achievements and challenges on national and regional strategies to support and promote MSMEs, as well as offer a space for technical and political dialogue to exchange ideas and suggestions that may contribute to their strengthening.

I am pleased to invite you to be part of this endeavor and to take ownership of the space offered and jointly move forward on the strengthening of MSMEs, which have an invaluable impact on the economic and social development of our countries. We thank and appreciate your constant participation.


Francisco Pilotti
Department of Social Development and Employment


SEDI / DSPP - Departamento de Seguimiento, Políticas y Programas

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