Ecuador promotes consumer product safety at homes
The Ombudsperson Office of Ecuador has launched the campaign "Responsible Consumption at the End of Year", which aims to create awareness among providers and consumers about the importance of using safe and good-quality products; being able to chose them freely with accurate and timely information; with emphasis in toys, appliances, and household utilities (in Spanish). more information


Permanent Council of OAS regulates the Consumer Safety and Health Fund

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) adopted on October 23rd, 2014 the resolution for the "Operational Rules of the Consumer Safety and Health Fund" which aims at strengthening the Consumer Safety and Health Network (CSHN) in the Americas. more


The Consumer Safety and Health Network Organizes a Workshop on Product Safety and Risk Assessment for the Caribbean Authorities

On December 3rd to 5th, 2014, a Regional Workshop on Consumer Product Safety and Risk Assessment will take place in Paramaribo, Suriname, for the consumer protection, normalization and metrology authorities of the Caribbean countries. The Workshop is organized by the General Secretariat of the OAS, as the Technical Secretariat of the Consumer Safety and Health Network (CSHN), with the CARICOM Secretariat and the Government of Suriname, with support from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).


Local Authorities in Brazil Promote Consumer Safety

Local authorities of consumer product safety of Brazil (IPEMS) conducted outreach activities on the subject as well as campaigns to promote consumer awareness. Access the details through the following links (in Portuguese): BahiaSergipePará Mato Grosso.


The OAS and the Consumer Agency of Catalonia, Spain, sign an agreement on consumer protection

The OAS today signed a memorandum of understanding with the Consumer Agency of the Government of Catalonia, Spain, which lays the foundation for collaboration in protecting and promoting the rights of consumers, which follows a series of agreements that the multilateral institution already has in that area with the Government of Spain. more


Ecuador Promotes Consumer Safety and Product Quality

The "Quality Week 2014" will be held in Quito, Ecuador, from Monday, November 10th to Friday, November 14th, 2014, and it will be organized by the Under-Secretariat for Quality of the Ministry of Industry and Productivity (MIPRO) of Ecuador. On the initiative of the Department of Consumer Protection MIPRO, during the activities a presentation of the regional efforts undertaken within the framework of the Consumer Safety and Health Network aimed at strengthening the surveillance of the safety of products circulating within the Americas will be provided.


The Consumer Safety and Health Network’s Annual Ordinary Plenary Meeting Was Successfully Held

On September 4th and 5th of 2014, the first Annual Ordinary Plenary Meeting of the Consumer Safety and Health Network (CSHN), was held in Brasilia, DF, Brazil. The Plenary was created in 2014 by the OAS General Assembly resolution AG/RES. 2830 (XLIV-O/14). more


The International Seminar on Consumer Safety and Health Was Held in Brasilia

An International Seminar on Consumer Safety and Health Was Held in Brasilia on September 3rd, in the framework of the Consumer Safety and Health Week organized by the Government of Brazil through the "Consumer Safety and Health Network - Brazil". The Network is integrated by ANVISA, INMETRO, SENACON and the Ministry of Health. Agenda


Chile advances in the safety of button batteries

(SPA) The National Consumer Service of Chile (SERNAC) released the third part of the Campaign on "The Hidden Danger of Button Batteries". The Campaign is part of the global and regional efforts to create awareness of the hazards of button batteries for consumers' health, especially children. more


The Consumer Safety and Health Network's First Ordinary Plenary Meeting was held in Brasilia



OAS and Spain Sign Agreement on Consumer Security and Health

The Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza, and the President of the Spanish Agency for Consumption, Food Security and Nutrition, Pilar Farjas Abadía, signed a memorandum of understanding to exchange assistance and information between the two organizations to strengthen the knowledge, protection and defense of consumers. more


Ibero-American Forum of Consumer Protection Agencies held its annual meeting in Bogota

(SPA) The Ibero-American Forum of Government Consumer Protection Agencies (FIAGC) held its annual meeting in Bogota, on 28 and 29 August. As part of each annual meeting, member countries signed a Declaration that incorporates the major commitments that will guide the work of the Forum during the period corresponding to each Pro Tempore Presidency, currently held by Colombia. more


Mato Grosso, Brazil, conducts training on Consumer Safety and Consumer Product Accidents

(POR) The National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology of Brazil (INMETRO), through the Institute of Weights and Measures of Mato Grosso (Ipem-MT), held a Workshop on Consumer Safety/Consumer Product Accidens during August 6th to 8th. The Workshop brought together about 25 participants including nurses and nursing technicians from Cuiabá. more


Secretary General Insulza Calls for Deeper and Stronger Cooperation in the Consumer Safety and Health Network (CSHN)



Consumer Safety and Health Network Regional Workshop Opens Successfully
(EN) On Monday July 21st, the Consumer Safety and Health Network (CSHN) inaugurated the Regional Workshop on the Substantive and Procedural Aspects of the Inter-American Rapid Alerts System with emphasis on Risk Assessment, which is being held at the OAS Headquarters in Washington, D.C.


International Awareness Week on Button Battery Safety was held in Brussels
The campaign is promoted by the OECD; with support from the OAS and participation of
jurisdictions from all over the world, including Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and the US...


Brazilian Local Agencies train their officials in Consumer Safety and Health
The Agency for Metrology and Quality of the State of Mato Grosso provided training to its professionals in conformity assessment, together with Cuiaba’s Emergency Response Department and the State’s Consumer Protection Body...


BBB partners with UVA to organize Self-Regulation Conference
The U.S. Council of Better Business Bureaus and the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business have created a one-of-a kind…

Brazil State Metrology Agency organizes Workshop on Consumer Safety and Health and Consumption Accidents
The Metrology State Agency of Mato Grosso do Sul, together with INMETRO, held on May 28, 2014, a workshop…

Caribbean States move forward in Consumer Product Safety

The Seventh Meeting on Consumer Affairs of the Caribbean Community was held during April 24 and 25 in ...

Brazil launches campaign on the importance of consumer product recalls from the market

Chile invites to participate in public consult regarding safety regulation for children products
The National Service for the Consumer (SERNAC) of Chile invites the general public to participate in the public consultation organized by the Ministry of Health (MINSAL)...

Brazilian Local Authorities of Consumer Protection and Health Strengthen Cooperation on Product Safety

On March 14 the workshop on "Consumer Accidents and Creation of the Consumer Safety and Health Network of the Americas in Brazil" took place in...

INMETRO's delegated organs create document to strengthen the CSHN-Brazil
On February 17, 2014, an important meeting with the delegated organs of INMETRO was held. In this meeting , 18 of the 26 states of Brazil were represented...

Chile makes progress on Consumer Safety and Health with Safety Manual for Consumption
The National  Service for Consumers of Chile (SERNAC), published a Safety Manual for Consumption, through which they seek to present consumers...

Suriname Promotes Awareness on Consumer Protection

The Consumer Affairs Department of the Ministry of Commerce Industry of Suriname has successfully organized awareness activities for consumers aimed at informing consumers about their rights and duties...

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Consumer Safety and Health Network (CSHN) International Seminar on Market Recall Practices for Defective Products: Toys and Children's Products – III Edition
Lima, Perú. from November 6 to 7, 2013



CSHN Graduate Course: Management of Market Surveillance Systems on Consumer Product Safety
Online / Washington – February to June, 2013


International Consumer Safety and Health Week

Washington – February 25 to March 1, 2013


2013 ICPHSO Annual Meeting and Training Symposium

Washington – February 26 to March 1, 2013


International Forum: Progress and challenges, Consumer Legislation

Lima, Peru – November 19, 2012

Ibero-American Forum for Consumer Protection Government Agencies (FIAGC) meeting
Santiago, Chile - November 15 and 16, 2012

II International Forum on Consumer Protection – INDECOPI / UNCTAD

Lima, Peru - November 12 and 13, 2012

Uruguayan and Argentinean Conference on Consumer Law

Mar del Plata - Buenos Aires, Argentina
- November 9 and 10, 2012

IV Euro-American Congress on Consumers’ Legal Protection and II International Meeting of Thinkers on Cooperation
Guaíra, Brazil - November 6 to 8, 2012

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