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Listen and participate to improve your critical thinking skills!

“Critical Thinking for Teachers” is a series of interactive radio programs and podcasts for teachers in rural areas of OAS member states. These audio programs strengthen teachers’ ability to teach critical thinking skills in mathematics, literacy, science, and citizenship education. Woven into an entertaining drama series, the participatory lessons feature short pauses that allow teachers to respond to questions, partake in group discussions, write plans for their classes, and more. Participants learn practical skills to apply in the classroom immediately. The primary audience is teachers with little Internet access who teach 11- to 14-year-olds, but any teacher can benefit and anyone can participate.

To listen to full redio program episodes, click here.

Ministry of Education officials from five Caribbean member states enthusiastically enjoyed listening to “Critical Thinking for Teachers”.

Listeners such as these teachers in Guadalajara, Mexico, actively participate in “Critical Thinking for Teachers” by writing and discussing questions, lesson plans, and more for their classes.

The Program is carried out with the financial support of the U.S. Permanent Mission to the OAS