About us

About us

The Organization of American States is the world's oldest regional organization dating back to the First International Conference of American States held in Washington, DC in 1889-1890. The first office established by this new organization was a library and archival repository that was named the Columbus Memorial Library. This library houses the world's most complete collection of unique photographs, maps, commemorative stamps, archives, and records documenting the history of the Organization of American States and its predecessor agencies from 1889 to the present. The extensive collection of books and periodicals date back to 1535. The library holds one of the richest repositories for material on the Inter-American system in the world.

Today the Columbus Memorial Library is responsible for the Archives and Records Management Program of the OAS General Secretariat, and for preserving and indexing the OAS official documents, as well as carrying out the functions of a traditional library.

The Columbus Memorial Library serves the staff of the OAS General Secretariat,
Permanent Missions and Permanent Observer Missions to the OAS, Embassies and researchers throughout this hemisphere and the world.

Power Point presentation on the Columbus Memorial Library


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