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Plants and Animals:




The Sacuanjoche is the national flower of Nicaragua. It grows on a tree and usually flowers in the month of May. The Sacuanjoche is a very beautiful and fragrant flower, and it also appears on the 1, 5, 10 and 25 cent banknotes.



Madroņo Tree

The Madroņo is a tree or shrub that can be found on the Pacific coast of North America and Mexico, and is also the national tree of Nicaragua. The Madroņo tree may be identified by its glossy evergreen leaves, white flowers and red berries. The bark of the tree has been used for dyes as well as made into furniture.


A sea turtle on the beach in Nicaragua.

Sea Turtle

The sea turtle is one of Nicaragua’s most famous inhabitants. It is an endangered animal, and so many are working hard to preserve this species. Every year thousands of sea turtles migrate from the ocean to the beach where they make nests by digging throughout the night and lay their eggs before going back out into the ocean.



Bull shark.

Nicaragua Shark

The Nicaragua Shark is actually a bull shark, or a Zambezi shark, and it is commonly found in warm shallow waters near the coast and also in rivers. This is an aggressive animal, and since the bull shark is both unpredictable and lives in shallow waters, it is commonly known as one of the most dangerous sharks. They are also dangerous because they are one of the few species of marine sharks that also navigate fresh waters. 


El Guardabarranco

The Turquoise-browed Motmot is the national bird of Nicaragua. It is a colorful bird that lives in more open habitats such as the edges of the forest. A medium-sized bird, it feeds on insects and small reptiles. Its name in Spanish means “ravine guard.”




Updated: 8 May 2008