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The government of the Republic of Haiti is based in the framework of a Presidential Republic, wherein there exists a multiparty system with the President of the Republic as the head of state, but the Prime Minister acts as the head of government. The President is directly elected by popular vote, and the Prime Minister is appointed by the President based on the majority party in the legislative body: the National Assembly. Together, the Prime Minister and the President compose the "government."

Executive power is exercised by both the President and the Prime Minister. The Legislative body consists of the two chambers of the National Assembly: the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. There are 83 members of the Chamber of Deputies, each elected for four-year terms. The Senate has 27 members, one-third elected every two years. The Judicial branch, independent from both the Legislative and Executive branches, is represented by the Supreme Court, and assisted by other local and civil courts.



Updated: 11 June 2008