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Sir V.C. Bird

Sir Vere Cornwall Bird was the first Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda from 1981-1994. Although he lacked any formal education aside from primary school, his work experience in both the Salvation Army and the Antigua Trades and Labour Union sparked his interests in unionism and politics. He was elected to the colonial legislature in 1945, and became the founding member of the Antigua Labour Party. In 1994 he was declared a national hero.


Sir Vivian Richards

Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards, known as the “Master Blaster,” was a champion cricketer for Antigua and Barbuda. Known for his forceful bating skills, he is arguably the greatest batsman of his generation. Richards received an honorary knighthood for his services to cricket, and was named in Wisden 2000 as one of the Five Cricketers of the Century.



Updated: 29 February 2008



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